Cross-plane thermal conductivity in amorphous Si/SiO2 superlattices

Here, we experimentally demonstrate thermal transport in amorphous atomic-scale superlattices that can provide lower thermal conductivity value than amorphous limit.

Probing ballistic thermal conduction in segmented silicon nanowires

Here, we experimentally probed ballistic thermal transport at distances of 400–800 nm and temperatures of 4–250 K. Measuring thermal properties of straight and serpentine silicon nanowires, we found that at 4 K heat conduction is quasi-ballistic with stronger ballisticity at shorter length scales.

Quasi-ballistic heat conduction due to Lévy phonon flights in silicon nanowires

Here, we experimentally demonstrate quasi-ballistic heat conduction in silicon nanowires (NWs). We show that the ballisticity is the strongest in short NWs at low temperatures but weakens as the NW length or temperature is increased.