Polaritonic figure of merit of plane structures


Based on the ability of plane structures to simultaneously optimize the propagation, confinement, and energy of surface plasmon-polaritons or surface phonon-polaritons, we develop the polaritonic figure of merit. The application of the obtained results for a SiC-air interface and a SiC thin film suspended in air shows that both structures are able to maximize the presence of polaritons at a frequency near to, but different than that at which the real part of the SiC permittivity exhibits a dip. Furthermore, using the temperature change of this dip, we show that the propagation length, confinement and energy of polaritons increases with its deepness, which provides an effective way to enhance the overall figure of merit of polaritonic structures.

Optics Express 21, 25, 25938
Sergei Gluchko
Sergei Gluchko
Researcher in nanophotonics